The difference between a polar expedition and other expeditions is that you don’t have fixed camps and must carry everything with you. In addition it’s a cold and bumpy ride. Laptops are simply out of the question, at least if you are going unsupported. Wearable computing is heavy and complicated.

As the technology must be extremely light, your best option is a small digital camera, a satellite phone, a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a smart power solution. (Note! As of 2016 we now reccomend; Iridium Go, smartphone, inReach tracker and a small solar panel. Check The main difference between the poles is the absence of sun at the North Pole, as compared to the bountiful sunlight in the South. Highly efficient solar panels are an excellent choice for the South, whilst battery packs are most suitable for the North Pole.

Technology and satellite systems (Iridium) are thus the same but power supply differs. Check the Contact (supports Iridium Go live dispatching) setup for everything you need to send pictures, dispatches and video from the trek. Make sure that you test all gear well in time before departure! Extreme technology screws up almost always and it does so in the least expected ways. And you will too. The only way to get through all worst case scenarios’ while still off the ice is relentless preparation.